So Brand Creative is a collaborative, passionate and uber creative approach to your branding. We are honest and approachable, friendly and knowledgable in many creative fields, earning us the ability to further enhance your business. Branding is your identity and we want to ensure that you stand out from the crowd and are visually identified as a power house in your industry.

Your Brand, your identity; is SO important and its key to get it right from the off. Consider these points when handing over your business's biggest asset.

The Designer
You, the client
The Creative

The Designer: As in art - design is subjective. Whilst good creatives can adapt to differing brand styles and artwork types - they all have a 'style' in their work. Make sure you like what they do as it achieves a much more creative and prosperous process.

You: Always meet and talk to your designer - they cannot understand you as an individual over email and phone. Its also good to know if you like them and get on as it needs to be a good relationship, there should be an establishment of trust and understanding of your thoughts and ideas.

The Creative: There's no such thing as a bad idea and Graphic Designers are visual problem solvers. Be a part of the design process, keep communicating and enjoy the ride. Most importantly - LOVE the end product.

Knowledge: So Brand Creative as well as being awesome designers, take a collaborative approach. This means whatever additions you need for your brand whether it be video, photography, signage - it stays on brand - your out of house brand guardians! It really does help to have a knowledgable and connected designer. Nobody wants wonky stripes.

TESTIMONIALIS (because that sounds more creative)

On Track Advice

Lauren worked very quickly to identify my preferences and produced a complete identity from logo, through stationery, up to a comprehensive brand guideline. Her design flair and her ability to respond quickly mean that I have continued to use SoBrandCreative for all of my design and print needs.

Tom Klimes

KSA Commercial

So Brand Creative has been a Godsend to our business, the quality and vision is superb. We need the levelheadedness that Lauren has brought to us. The costs associated with creating our brand and the marketing therein we expected to be huge, through So Brand Creative, they were not.

Kevin Ayton

Retail Post

Lauren is like a breath of fresh air to your brand. She has given my client a fresh new look and has given them the opportunity to attract a new customer base that previously would have looked the other way. Diligent, creative and a pleasure to work with.

Alison Pike