Fish Tank – Sushi Social 

The Project

Fish Tank really was a dream project for SBC.

It started in November 2016 meeting Sam and Romy Letteri in their beautiful family home. Sam had already catalogued his vision, and shared this with me. I find that I have to meet the person behind the brand from the start – because, it is them! and its their dream that we are ultimately bringing to life.

Based on a funky, young and affluent market, Fish Tank started out with the hand drawn look but initially based around sea weed and sea plant matter as a design.

The ‘case’ stuck, with FISH TANK in the rectangle, but it wasn’t shouting ‘Sushi’. Sam was on tour at this time, with Take That’s Wonderland, creating his masterpieces for the band. We talked when we could and Romy suggested chopsticks.

Originally it seemed an obvious choice – but sometimes you have to work around the initial thoughts to find what it is you really like. And it really was here and then that the brand changed course.

Sushi-Social is a Complete Identity

Client & Designer Together'ness' achieved the results


Complete New Brand


Website Design

Day Turnaround

Amazing Brand

A website to match their style

Mobile Optimised

The Challenge this kind of build posed was the mobile optimisation but have a look yourself – we got it into shape!

Brand New Build

Fish Tank would not fit a ‘standard’ template, its just not their brand! Sam wanted a horizontal scroll – so Sam got a horizontal scroll!

Correct for the audience

The website we designed is bang on for the main audience in this project. To bring sushi to Oakham was modern, fresh – so was the site.

The Results Were Amazing

It was a dream project not only because of wonderful visionary clients but because they had faith in where I was going…and it flowed and flowed from then on in. One sunday morning I created all of the icons – hand drawn on my dining table – then turned into vectors for scalability. Fish Tank Sushi undoubtably will have a catalogue of icons by the end of this year – because I just can’t stop evolving their brand! It covers everything from the wallpaper in the restaurant to hand drawn murals on the walls, specials menus, placemats, drinks and kids menus, bento labels and so on.

So, we have the logo, the icons, the literature, signage and labels…next up website. Another vision of Sam’s to do something really different – a landscape scrolling, moving website!, Now, we’ve seen them done before – but there’s other things to consider here. Mobile optimisation mostly because of the younger audience, and getting content to work – menus, contact, maps…and a very tight deadline.

We’ll be honest here – it just worked, really it did – because the majority of FT Branding is vector, resolution isn’t an issue, and it lends itself well to the movement. Our very talented developer got this translating to mobile brilliantly and its one we are very proud of indeed…check it out